“In The Shades of September”

A man walks slowly,

Tilted to the left.

In his hand, a rose,

Lonely as well.

Around him are leaves,

Red, brown and yellow.

They fly in the wind,

Accompanying a swallow.

“Have you picked up our daughter?”

She aks with her grace.

“She’s with her new boyfriend”

He answers amazed.

“Isn’t it strange?” He thought,

Warming his chin.

“That you’re still here with us.

Isn’t it cold with this wind?”

“I wanted to check

On what to me you bring.

A rose, I see.

That’s your usual; sweet”.

“Does it hurt?”

He asked, with his usual grace.

“Now that you’re dead,

will you ever feel safe?”

“I do not know,

but I see you care,

about your dear wife,

so listen now so I can give you a chance”

“Have you not understood?

Your life is to be over.

You have to leave,

Before you die in october”.

“The soldiers will come,

and destroy my grave,

so live while you can,

till you’ll so scared”

And so the swallow flew,

Leaving the dreadfull weather.

And the man cried slowly,

In the shades of september.


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