“A Night In The Park”

A ducks flight,

welcomes me in the park.

And a light orange color

is woven in the sky.

I sit on the steps

facing the sun,

life seems stopped.

And the only clock

that I have,

is the setting sun.

It dies slowly,

leaving behind

numerous shades of light.

And as the coldness embraces me,

they too fade away.

I could go home,

Walk away from the horizon,

But I seem drawn,

attracted to it.

The moon shines on my left,

lights up the path.

At the end of the stairs

a couple merges into one,

laughing and kissing.

They too walk my way

towards the unknown.

But I don’t want to venture alone.

So I leave the road,

and return to where I once came from.

Behind me, the moon descends,

and I leave the park.

Yet again, alone.


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