“Oh Sunny Day; Wait For Me”

The cold gets so much worse

when the flame is burning alone.

The smoke is falling up

from the cigar in my mouth.

I wonder where it’s going tonight.


The stars shine much brighter

when there’s someone next to me.

Are they really up there?

Am I really down here?

In a bottomless pit.


The morning sun has quite a glow,

it really fits with some Jack on the rocks.

Clouds cover up my eyes,

time to give me some bad times


Have you ever had a dream where

the ground keeps falling away,

and you can’t seem to wake up.

You ask: Is this my life?


Oh sunny day

come back to me,

don’t leave me alone down here.

Oh sunny day

how can it be?

That I love you;

Oh sunny day

wait for me


What is tea?

Tea is the simple thing in a complex life.

Tea is the complex thing in a simple world.

Tea is a cool breeze in summer and a warm hug in winter.

Tea is art.

Tea is religion.

Tea is life and tea is death.

Tea is existence itself.

“What a Life!”

I see a man, he’s walking.

His daughter near him, smiling.

They walk towards the darkened town.

And then another man,

walked behind them

Tried to touch the little girl’s butt.

He took his arms around her,

kicked the father out of, the way

So he,

could pull down her pants,

her tears fell in the father’s hands,

and with a gun, he was shot dead.

And she cried,

while the man continued to

take his hands inside her.

The neighbors went to see,

what was happening

but they retired eventually to their caves.

The man was drunk

but is that really an excuse?

He knows the girl is not a kid anymore.

She will live her whole life,

wondering why it happened to her

Oh what a life!

What a fucking beautiful life!

Oh what a life!

I love this fucking wonderful life!

“Where to go”

I know where you are

where you’ve been tonight.

I smell his sign,

but you know I’ll never get mad.

I won’t cry tonight

even though we had a fight.

Ain’t that what love’s about:

“Let her go before she’s out”?

If the sky is falling down

I will run like a hound.

If the moon fails to shine

I will show you the light

And where to go,


And if you can find a way

to get home today;

I will take you in my arms

forget the way you cried

I’ll forget you went away.

I’ll forget his face on your lips

I’ll forget you went away.

I’ll open up my heart.

I will take you back to me,

even though you went away.

I feel like I’m standing on the road
Watching other people smile.
Their laughter, their music
Falls down like snow
And my feet get covered
By ashes of dreams,
And cries for hope.

So this is my life,
Lying on the couch
With two mojitos and a prostitute too.
Hoping someone will stab me in the chest.
Feel a little pain for a change.

I would dance,
If I only knew how to kill the spider on me,
Feeding off my cries.
I won’t come home tonight,
I’ll walk down the shore and jump in the ice.



“Grey-eyed” is dancing in the sand,

painting pictures with feet and hands.

His smile pulls a trigger in my heart

and makes me feel again.

No other has eyes like him,

grey and green painted deep.

Angels sing the tunes of heaven

when in my arms he falls asleep

Sing for me “Grey-eyed”

the songs in your head,

the words in your heart.

Sing for me “Grey-Eyed”

Let me feel,

the deepest love to feel.

Dance with me grey eyes.

I walk with him, hands in hands,

on the road that is my life.

I see how the sun sets at the end,

and he’ll walk all the way with me.

He’ll never let me go,

to the end of the road we’ll go.

Past pains from those who hated,

to joy from each other.

And if you,

sing “Grey-eyed”

I’ll take you to the moon and back

buy some stars

and let you fly with me

Sing for me “Grey-eyed”

the songs in your head,

the words in your heart.

Sing for me “Grey-Eyed”

Let me feel,

the deepest love to feel.

Dance with me grey eyes.

Dance with me.

Grey eyes