“I Thought I Saw Someone Smile”

I took the train

from sun to rain,

and on the way

she stepped on the train.

I thought I saw

someone smile.

He forced his teeth,

to come out from his mouth.

I thought I saw

someone smile,

it must’ve been

an angel in the sky.

He’s laughing of

our cry,

he’ll never make us see

the clear blue sky.

I took the rope

hung it high,

so that he

can see my eyes.

I felt beneath

she’s dragging my feet

she saved my life,

but I just wanna die.


“Can You Hear Me?”

Can you hear me?

When I sob your name

and rain fills my lungs.

I only wanted,

to tell you how much you mean

to me and all of my life.

But now I’m shot,

Now I’m hit.

Sadly dying.

Slowly fading.

Can you hear me?

Can you save me?

Can you?

Can you?

Can you..

Can you shed?

A little tear

in the corner of your eye?

And hold straight

my crying mother,

as she shakes in the mud.

Can you?

“A Night In The Park”

A ducks flight,

welcomes me in the park.

And a light orange color

is woven in the sky.

I sit on the steps

facing the sun,

life seems stopped.

And the only clock

that I have,

is the setting sun.

It dies slowly,

leaving behind

numerous shades of light.

And as the coldness embraces me,

they too fade away.

I could go home,

Walk away from the horizon,

But I seem drawn,

attracted to it.

The moon shines on my left,

lights up the path.

At the end of the stairs

a couple merges into one,

laughing and kissing.

They too walk my way

towards the unknown.

But I don’t want to venture alone.

So I leave the road,

and return to where I once came from.

Behind me, the moon descends,

and I leave the park.

Yet again, alone.

“My Guitar Silently Plays”

The girl lives in Maine.

The boy can’t complain

about his life in the drains.

Her skin is rich and pale.

They meet in the night,

their love shines all bright.

The mouse and the rat smile,

and my guitar silently plays.

Her dad is angry and sick.

He’s got a gun, makes him leave quick.

He runs through the night.

Her dad shoots his eyes.

They meet in the night.

The trees surround their light.

As the shot hits her head,

and my guitar silently plays.

“There Must Be an Angel”

20 men,

walked down in line.

The fires of hell,

shot from their guns.

A strange blue light,

shined in each other’s eyes,

And the world they thought they knew.

Was gone.

There must be an angel,

hidden somewhere.

Where the trees meet heaven,

and the sky is blue.

There must be an angel,

hidden in our hearts.

He sings some secrets

we don’t want to hear.

He came home,

with half a heart. 

Our eyes could see.

He was made of blue lights.

He slept in the day,

and lived in the night.

When he was angry

he shot in the blind.

There must be an angel,

I really hope there is.

One that can save my baby,

and kill the blue light.

There must be an angel,

where my baby and I

can sing my secret.

I am the light that shines.

“In The Shades of September”

A man walks slowly,

Tilted to the left.

In his hand, a rose,

Lonely as well.

Around him are leaves,

Red, brown and yellow.

They fly in the wind,

Accompanying a swallow.

“Have you picked up our daughter?”

She aks with her grace.

“She’s with her new boyfriend”

He answers amazed.

“Isn’t it strange?” He thought,

Warming his chin.

“That you’re still here with us.

Isn’t it cold with this wind?”

“I wanted to check

On what to me you bring.

A rose, I see.

That’s your usual; sweet”.

“Have you not understood?

Your life is to be over.

You have to leave,

Before you die in october”.

And so the swallow flew,

Leaving the dreadfull weather.

And the man cried slowly,

In the shades of september.