“The Sky’s Charms” (Annika’s song)

I’m madly fallen,

into love’s crazy game.

And she is the dice-roller.

She’ll decide my faith.

She makes me jump,

after those curly hairs.

She makes me hide,

in case she knows I’m there.

She hasn’t got a clue,

that I wrote this song.

My secret is kept by few.

I hope it’ll stay for long.


But what can I do with this secret

I’m just a small, ugly animal.

I’m not prepared for love’s tricks.

My chances for love are questionable.

I hope the wind will push her,

into my tired, old arms.

It will take us to what we once were,

dancing beneath the sky’s charms.


“Free, Wild, Love.” (Song)

When you were free,

And I could read

The sweet songs 

(Choir) you wrote for me.

When I was yours

And we flew.

The cold air, 

()Pushed us above.


Now I long for those nights.

Those times of free, wild love.

So kiss me again

(Kiss me)

Make me feel alive.

(Kiss me)

Make me feel;



When we sailed to

The deep blue sea.

The waves and winds

() Made us free.

When times were good,

And we knew

That love, love

() Could never die



“My Monstrous Saviour”

You saved my soul,

last night when we talked.

You took me down,

from the hanging rope.

Your hand touched my heart.

I felt like flying high.

My dark past took me down.

And I slowly sank.

Why couldn’t you do

like you did once before.

Grab my heart with your light soul.

And pull me out of this rotting sand.

I feel like a fool,

to have trusted you at all.

You’re like the other monsters

I never let go.

And so I lay down on my bed,

my body full of pills.

I wonder when they’ll kick in,

and this sad song will end.

“The Wolf’s Paw”

I am a broken wolf.

I have lost all of my teeth.

My fur is all too thin,

and my eyes cannot see.


I am a broken wolf,

yet I howl in the night.

I am a broken wolf,  

yet my mouth always smiles.


You might have seen

my paws prints in the snow.

They are fragile and weak,

but they are a wolf’s paws.


I am a broken wolf,

a wolf whose head is bent.

I know that I am broken.

I show it with all respect.


I am a broken wolf,

yet I hunt every night.

I am a broken wolf,

yet my paws can get your eyes.


Though I have no more teeth,

I eat all of my grief.

Though my fur is all too thin,

I never shake in the wind.


In a cold winters night,

you see my shining blind eyes,

glancing up to the sky,

and my paws make me rise.



“To My Dearest”

Each time.

When night knocks on my door.

I sing.

For I know it makes it afraid. 

For me.

And the light you shine.

It grows.

It floats in my begging hands.
The warmth you give

The poems you inspire.

It lights my heart.

And burns through time as fire.
Shine some light.

Once in a while.

When the moon goes down. 

Shine some light on me.
So I can see where I wonder.

Where and when I exist

I’ll keep your light near me.

No future as slave of fear.