“In The Shades of September”

A man walks slowly,

Tilted to the left.

In his hand, a rose,

Lonely as well.

Around him are leaves,

Red, brown and yellow.

They fly in the wind,

Accompanying a swallow.

“Have you picked up our daughter?”

She aks with her grace.

“She’s with her new boyfriend”

He answers amazed.

“Isn’t it strange?” He thought,

Warming his chin.

“That you’re still here with us.

Isn’t it cold with this wind?”

“I wanted to check

On what to me you bring.

A rose, I see.

That’s your usual; sweet”.

“Does it hurt?”

He asked, with his usual grace.

“Now that you’re dead,

will you ever feel safe?”

“I do not know,

but I see you care,

about your dear wife,

so listen now so I can give you a chance”

“Have you not understood?

Your life is to be over.

You have to leave,

Before you die in october”.

“The soldiers will come,

and destroy my grave,

so live while you can,

till you’ll so scared”

And so the swallow flew,

Leaving the dreadfull weather.

And the man cried slowly,

In the shades of september.



Har du noen gang hørt en fugl synge?

Det har jeg! Ja! Jeg har selvfølgelig hørt en fugl synge. Jeg vet hvor fine de kan være. Visste dere at…favoritt fuglen min er en svale? Hvorfor? Fordi den er så lett og fin selvfølgelig.

Jeg er en svale, ja. Jeg flyr mellom skyene og tar på dem med mine kjempe fine ving… (ser på armene som er strakt i fly modus.)

Nei, jeg er ikke en svale. Men det er ikke du heller! Så vidt jeg vet  så er det ingen her som er en fugl. Vet dere hvordan jeg vet det? Jeg har nemmlig sett en fugl.

Vel jeg har ikke sett en i virkeligheten. Men jeg har jo sett en på tv! Det var da jeg fikk lov til å se på tv.

Visste dere at svaler ikke går ut? Det sier mamma når jeg sitter foran døren og hører på de andre barna leke. Jeg har aldri møtt dem, men det er greit, fordi svaler har ikke venner. De TRENGER ikke venner. Svaler pusser alltid tennene sine. Svaler hører alttid på moren sin. Fordi svaler har ikke far. Og svaler synger bare når de er triste.

Derfor er det så stille hjemme.

Å plystre, å synge, å høre på musikk eller å ha på lyden på tven; det betyr at man er trist. Og det er ikke vi, mamma og jeg.

Jeg liker ikke helt den regelen. Den får meg til å føle meg innestengt, i et slags bur. Jeg får ikke engang lov til å snakke. Jeg har ting å si. Men de er ikke viktige, fordi svaler har ikke følelser.

Vet du hvordan det føles? (ser på en i publikum)

Du vet vel hvordan det føles!?

JA DU VET hvordan det føles å være innestengt, i et lite rom, i et lite hus, i en liten by, i en liten VERDEN!


MEN DET ER JEG! Jeg er en svale, ja. Jeg flyr mellom skyene og tar på dem med mine kjempe fine ving…



Jeg synger. (sliten smil. Går ut mens en melodi blir plystret)

“Cause Tonight”

When the night unveils on two small hearts.

And the trees surrounding hide the light.

I hope I’m never gonna dream away again.

Cause tonight.

Think I’m feeling something new,

and I don’t know what else to do.

Then to hug you and hold you close to me.

Cause tonight.

I feel like a rainbow.

I feel like a star.

I float like a river

between your arms.

Hold me tight.

I wanna feel like a brand new king.

My queen is sitting next to me.

Your crown is made of golden leaves.

I want you.

I wanna hold you in my hands.

It may be hard to understand.

What I feel deep inside for you.

My heart for you.

My heart is a rainbow.

My heart is glass.

My heart is a river.

Floating between your arms.

“The Sky’s Charms” (Annika’s song)

I’m madly fallen,

into love’s crazy game.

And she is the dice-roller.

She’ll decide my faith.

She makes me jump,

after those curly hairs.

She makes me hide,

in case she knows I’m there.

She hasn’t got a clue,

that I wrote this song.

My secret is kept by few.

I hope it’ll stay for long.


But what can I do with this secret

I’m just a small, ugly animal.

I’m not prepared for love’s tricks.

My chances for love are questionable.

I hope the wind will push her,

into my tired, old arms.

It will take us to what we once were,

dancing beneath the sky’s charms.

“Free, Wild, Love.” (Song)

When you were free,

And I could read

The sweet songs 

(Choir) you wrote for me.

When I was yours

And we flew.

The cold air, 

()Pushed us above.


Now I long for those nights.

Those times of free, wild love.

So kiss me again

(Kiss me)

Make me feel alive.

(Kiss me)

Make me feel;



When we sailed to

The deep blue sea.

The waves and winds

() Made us free.

When times were good,

And we knew

That love, love

() Could never die



“My Monstrous Saviour”

You saved my soul,

last night when we talked.

You took me down,

from the hanging rope.

Your hand touched my heart.

I felt like flying high.

My dark past took me down.

And I slowly sank.

Why couldn’t you do

like you did once before.

Grab my heart with your light soul.

And pull me out of this rotting sand.

I feel like a fool,

to have trusted you at all.

You’re like the other monsters

I never let go.

And so I lay down on my bed,

my body full of pills.

I wonder when they’ll kick in,

and this sad song will end.