“Born Under The Bridge”

I was born,

under a bridge

which runs.

To them old factories.

And I grew,

like a dying plant

between gases

and sand.

I’m a man,

coming from a bridge.

Over the river,

where my mom did;

Throw me down below,

to the darkness of the soul

of this town’s bridge.

I was born,

under a bridge.

I heard,

kids laughing here.

And I screamed,

my mother’s name

That made

them run away.

I’m a man,

a child of God.

Whom threw

me away.

And nobody went to search,

this baby crying hurt.

For I’m simply a man.

A simple, little man.

From a bridge without name.


“Longing For The Stars”

I have never seen the moon shine so brightly,

my eyes will never be the same.

As the stars appear on the blue sky,

the sky that hides the universe.

And as the trees

grow in the shade;

so shall I,

living in darkness.

And as the moon


So shall I,

into the night.

I have never felt so many emotions,

my heart will never be the same.

As the sun shows its face,

my hands will touch the sky.