“Can You Hear Me?”

Can you hear me?

When I sob your name

and rain fills my lungs.

I only wanted,

to tell you how much you mean

to me and all of my life.

But now I’m shot,

Now I’m hit.

Sadly dying.

Slowly fading.

Can you hear me?

Can you save me?

Can you?

Can you?

Can you..

Can you shed?

A little tear

in the corner of your eye?

And hold straight

my crying mother,

as she shakes in the mud.

Can you?


“The man who never blinked”

The man sat,

turned to the wall.

Big, white, cold.

He blinked once a day.

Each time a friend passed away.

So he decided to never close his eyes,

let darkness enter his life.

He just sat there,

turned to the wall.

Never blinked, so no friend would fall.