“Clowns Don’t Cry”

Clowns don’t cry,

though we have reasons to.

Our makeup is slowly fading,

I’m afraid they may see why.

For we clowns,

we can’t show,

our tears rolling down,

into the sadness of despair.

But I can’t,

though I want so much.

That is our rule,

clowns don’t cry.

So I could just

drive to the end of the world,

and ask him face to face.

Where are my eyes?

Where am I?

Where shall I go?

When the kids are all grown up.

And my work is done.

Oh, I want to smile,

but my mouth is woven sad.

And my eyes could have cried,

but clowns don’t cry.

Clowns don’t cry.



“I hope” (About​ Alzheimer)

I hope my mind

Never slips and falls

Into the void of darkness.

No smiles nor tears

I will forget.
I hope the scars

Seared on my back

Never expand nor dissapear.

No tears from love

I will forget.
Teach me how to remember.

Teach me not to forget.
I hope my life won’t end this way.

I hope my tears won’t wash away,

Memories of you.