“He’s Silent In My Head”

I want

someone to tell me

that I’m home

but all I’ve got,

is a man inside

my own head

he calls me,

he makes me crazy.

Cause I need

some approval

or else I’ll jump

in the sewer.

where no one

can find my rotting corpse.

I want

my God

to tell me

that I’m home

but all I’ve got

is silence and fears.

It calls me.

It makes me crazy.



“My Mask”

I’ve made this mask,

With heartaches and pain,

Isn’t it lovely?

Isn’t it great?

All my life I have searched

For answers to questions,

And questions for answers.

The only thing I have truly known

Is that my mask away can be blown,

And my sore face will be exposed,

To the world who won’t leave me when I want to go.