“I Thought I Saw Someone Smile”

I took the train

from sun to rain,

and on the way

she stepped on the train.

I thought I saw

someone smile.

He forced his teeth,

to come out from his mouth.

I thought I saw

someone smile,

it must’ve been

an angel in the sky.

He’s laughing of

our cry,

he’ll never make us see

the clear blue sky.

I took the rope

hung it high,

so that he

can see my eyes.

I felt beneath

she’s dragging my feet

she saved my life,

but I just wanna die.



“A Wish”

I wish

They would turn around.

At least once,

And ask me how I am.

I feel lonely

I am scared.

I am confused.

What I loved I hate and what I hated I love.

And those who once were my friends,

They don’t care.

They don’t ask.