“Where to go”

I know where you are

where you’ve been tonight.

I smell his sign,

but you know I’ll never get mad.

I won’t cry tonight

even though we had a fight.

Ain’t that what love’s about:

“Let her go before she’s out”?

If the sky is falling down

I will run like a hound.

If the moon fails to shine

I will show you the light

And where to go,


And if you can find a way

to get home today;

I will take you in my arms

forget the way you cried

I’ll forget you went away.

I’ll forget his face on your lips

I’ll forget you went away.

I’ll open up my heart.

I will take you back to me,

even though you went away.




“Grey-eyed” is dancing in the sand,

painting pictures with feet and hands.

His smile pulls a trigger in my heart

and makes me feel again.

No other has eyes like him,

grey and green painted deep.

Angels sing the tunes of heaven

when in my arms he falls asleep

Sing for me “Grey-eyed”

the songs in your head,

the words in your heart.

Sing for me “Grey-Eyed”

Let me feel,

the deepest love to feel.

Dance with me grey eyes.

I walk with him, hands in hands,

on the road that is my life.

I see how the sun sets at the end,

and he’ll walk all the way with me.

He’ll never let me go,

to the end of the road we’ll go.

Past pains from those who hated,

to joy from each other.

And if you,

sing “Grey-eyed”

I’ll take you to the moon and back

buy some stars

and let you fly with me

Sing for me “Grey-eyed”

the songs in your head,

the words in your heart.

Sing for me “Grey-Eyed”

Let me feel,

the deepest love to feel.

Dance with me grey eyes.

Dance with me.

Grey eyes


“Cheek To Cheek”

We’ll be dancing, cheek to cheek

with the music turned up high.

And the melody will make us fly

in the room that is our life.

God will tell us all

“what a beautiful couple”.

God will show us all

what love really is.

And the world will float

on the river of the night,

I will sing a sweet song

about our married life.

God will play the piano,

a sweet, warm melody.

God will show us all,

that love still exists.

And when I see you in that dress,

in the dress that makes you smile.

I’ll caress you with my hands

while the clocks stop the time.

“Can You Hear Me?”

Can you hear me?

When I sob your name

and rain fills my lungs.

I only wanted,

to tell you how much you mean

to me and all of my life.

But now I’m shot,

Now I’m hit.

Sadly dying.

Slowly fading.

Can you hear me?

Can you save me?

Can you?

Can you?

Can you..

Can you shed?

A little tear

in the corner of your eye?

And hold straight

my crying mother,

as she shakes in the mud.

Can you?

“Cause Tonight”

When the night unveils on two small hearts.

And the trees surrounding hide the light.

I hope I’m never gonna dream away again.

Cause tonight.

Think I’m feeling something new,

and I don’t know what else to do.

Then to hug you and hold you close to me.

Cause tonight.

I feel like a rainbow.

I feel like a star.

I float like a river

between your arms.

Hold me tight.

I wanna feel like a brand new king.

My queen is sitting next to me.

Your crown is made of golden leaves.

I want you.

I wanna hold you in my hands.

It may be hard to understand.

What I feel deep inside for you.

My heart for you.

My heart is a rainbow.

My heart is glass.

My heart is a river.

Floating between your arms.

“The Sky’s Charms” (Annika’s song)

I’m madly fallen,

into love’s crazy game.

And she is the dice-roller.

She’ll decide my faith.

She makes me jump,

after those curly hairs.

She makes me hide,

in case she knows I’m there.

She hasn’t got a clue,

that I wrote this song.

My secret is kept by few.

I hope it’ll stay for long.


But what can I do with this secret

I’m just a small, ugly animal.

I’m not prepared for love’s tricks.

My chances for love are questionable.

I hope the wind will push her,

into my tired, old arms.

It will take us to what we once were,

dancing beneath the sky’s charms.