“Oh Sunny Day; Wait For Me”

The cold gets so much worse

when the flame is burning alone.

The smoke is falling up

from the cigar in my mouth.

I wonder where it’s going tonight.


The stars shine much brighter

when there’s someone next to me.

Are they really up there?

Am I really down here?

In a bottomless pit.


The morning sun has quite a glow,

it really fits with some Jack on the rocks.

Clouds cover up my eyes,

time to give me some bad times


Have you ever had a dream where

the ground keeps falling away,

and you can’t seem to wake up.

You ask: Is this my life?


Oh sunny day

come back to me,

don’t leave me alone down here.

Oh sunny day

how can it be?

That I love you;

Oh sunny day

wait for me


“Where to go”

I know where you are

where you’ve been tonight.

I smell his sign,

but you know I’ll never get mad.

I won’t cry tonight

even though we had a fight.

Ain’t that what love’s about:

“Let her go before she’s out”?

If the sky is falling down

I will run like a hound.

If the moon fails to shine

I will show you the light

And where to go,


And if you can find a way

to get home today;

I will take you in my arms

forget the way you cried

I’ll forget you went away.

I’ll forget his face on your lips

I’ll forget you went away.

I’ll open up my heart.

I will take you back to me,

even though you went away.

“Longing For The Stars”

I have never seen the moon shine so brightly,

my eyes will never be the same.

As the stars appear on the blue sky,

the sky that hides the universe.

And as the trees

grow in the shade;

so shall I,

living in darkness.

And as the moon


So shall I,

into the night.

I have never felt so many emotions,

my heart will never be the same.

As the sun shows its face,

my hands will touch the sky.

“He’s Silent In My Head”

I want

someone to tell me

that I’m home

but all I’ve got,

is a man inside

my own head

he calls me,

he makes me crazy.

Cause I need

some approval

or else I’ll jump

in the sewer.

where no one

can find my rotting corpse.

I want

my God

to tell me

that I’m home

but all I’ve got

is silence and fears.

It calls me.

It makes me crazy.


“Clowns Don’t Cry”

Clowns don’t cry,

though we have reasons to.

Our makeup is slowly fading,

I’m afraid they may see why.

For we clowns,

we can’t show,

our tears rolling down,

into the sadness of despair.

But I can’t,

though I want so much.

That is our rule,

clowns don’t cry.

So I could just

drive to the end of the world,

and ask him face to face.

Where are my eyes?

Where am I?

Where shall I go?

When the kids are all grown up.

And my work is done.

Oh, I want to smile,

but my mouth is woven sad.

And my eyes could have cried,

but clowns don’t cry.

Clowns don’t cry.


“I Thought I Saw Someone Smile”

I took the train

from sun to rain,

and on the way

she stepped on the train.

I thought I saw

someone smile.

He forced his teeth,

to come out from his mouth.

I thought I saw

someone smile,

it must’ve been

an angel in the sky.

He’s laughing of

our cry,

he’ll never make us see

the clear blue sky.

I took the rope

hung it high,

so that he

can see my eyes.

I felt beneath

she’s dragging my feet

she saved my life,

but I just wanna die.


“Shine” (song)

Shine away the light (2x)

Shine it to the sea.


Turn away the fear (2x)

turn it to a tear.


Love’s about to die (2x)

nothing’s gonna change


Nothing left to lose

nothing left to win

it’s just time to shine



Tell me now,

there ain’t no fear.

Cause I want to shine

I want to live free.

But tell me,

who’s going

to teach me how to shine.


I saw it shining once,

I saw it shining twice

I don’t want it anymore.


I can smell its fear,

I can feel its fear,

I turned it to a tear.


Nothing left to feel,

no escape is near

it’s just time to shine.